Kino, TV, radio

Red Dot Media is a full service production company. We produce feature films, series, documentaries, TV shows, educational videos and commercials.

Our best-known works are the feature film "Modris" by director Jura Kursieš (Lielais Kristaps for best debut in 2014), the multi-series TV movie "Māja pie ezera" (LTV 2015) and the popular TV show "Nekā Personīga" (TV3 Latvija ). In 2016, the project "Melu teorija" joined it.

In 2019, we finished the ambitious TV series "Sarkanais Mežs".

We are currently working on the new 1990s crime drama "Looking for a Woman" based on Andras Kolberg's novel.

Red Dot Media (RDM) is a full service production house. The birth of RDM became a reality when some of the most respected television industry professionals came together and made a decision to establish a professional, open, yet relatively small production house.